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AV Coalition exists to be an advocate for Houses of Worship and organizations as they navigate the decision making

process of planning AVL projects and selecting integration partners.


We meet your team with expertise and support at this intersection of vision and technology.

Large or small, we’re here to see your ideas become reality and your mission come to life.

This business was founded by a group of professionals who have served on both the worship and production staffs of churches like:

Hillsong, Mosaic, Bethel, Life Church, Upper Room . . .

Our backgrounds total 150+ years of collective experience in AVL.

AV Coalition is a non-biased advocate here to advise and protect organizations through planning AVL projects and selecting integration partners.

How Does It Work?

The AV Coalition process is designed for:
Accountability | Efficiency | Simplification

FIRST |Check out our Tiers of service and step by step process.


Our free assessments are designed to get the conversation started. This helps us capture the vision, hear the goals, discuss the needs, and get an idea of what you’d like to accomplish for your project.



Designed for troubleshooting, brainstorming, and interim maintenance in-between projects. Use this tier to have quick discussions about things you’re working on that don’t require equipment or integration.



– Acquisition  

Use this tier if you’re planning to install yourself (plug and play), but need some help with engineering perspectives, as well as equipment acquisition. We’ll walk through the design with you, and then send out an RFP for competitive, dealer pricing.



– Acquisition

– Integration

A Tier 3 project is one that requires full integration. It would include all of Tier 2, as well as selecting an integrator to execute the full installation.


Project Management

This would include all of Tier 3, plus the additional layer that AV Coalition would help coordinate and manage the project through to completion. We become your “boots on the ground” all the way until you cut the ribbon.



We’ll meet with your team to understand the goals and capture your vision.




We’ll work together to refine your wish lists, determine your needs, and prepare a strategy for your project.



We’ll create an RFP (request for proposal). This will often include a fully documented BOM (bill of materials) in preparation to take your project out for bid.



We’ll elect potential integration partners for the bid based on: proximity, budget, and the necessary expertise.



We’ll send out the RFP in a fully confidential manner. This is for accountability. Each candidate must bring their best to the table regardless of who the “Client” is.



We’ll help you as bids are received to: Decipher the documentation. Inspect each line. Understand the fees and fine print. And, ultimately determine which partner best fits your culture and requirements.



As you make your final decision (selecting an integration partner), we’ll bridge the relationship and form the alliance. After we award the bid, we’ll reveal your organization as the “Client,” and coordinate the transition toward executing the project. 

SECOND |Choose a category. Will this be an EXCLUSIVE or NON-EXCLUSIVE project?



An Exclusive project is how organizations receive the fullest benefit from the AV Coalition model!

We become a complete filter between your organization and all integration candidates. This category serves organizations extremely well if they don’t have existing relationships with integrators, or if they want AV Coalition to help them retrieve ALL bids through an accountable and anonymous invitation. Similar to an insurance broker, AV Co. will receive a percentage from the integrator of choice once the project is awarded. What we receive is identical regardless of which company you choose, so we have absolutely NO incentive to promote one candidate over another, and it aligns with our mission to be completely non-bias in our consultation. This integrator facing percentage enables us to offer our services to organizations not only for an affordable rate, but often completely free of charge.  



Choose this category if you already have integration candidates involved.

Your organization may have long standing relationships with integrators who have served you well over the years. This is a common scenario. AV Co. can still bring wisdom and perspective to the table as an extension of your team, as well as furnish a couple of additional bids for your review, but In this case, we would not be directly involved with the companies you’ve already engaged. We will still help your organization decipher the language, equipment, and expectations of their contracts, but we wouldn’t manage those relationships. Your organization would simply purchase a “Bank” of consultation hours (see below) and utilize our team as necessary or desired.  


Clients often ask, Will I pay a higher premium from the integrator?

If they owe AV Coalition a percentage, won’t the integrator raise their rates to account for it? Not in our experience. 

The thing is, a COALITION works to form alliances that serve the need. If your budget is set to a certain amount, each company is working with that goal in mind. The only difference is, we’re working TOGETHER, rather than in competition. We become a symphony for your masterpiece! The AV Coalition model serves organizations by advocating for, guiding, and protecting them through the process of integration. It serves integrators by offering them qualified opportunities for business (which saves on marketing/commissions and overhead).

For all parties, there’s less room for mis-understandings along the way.

It’s a WIN, WIN, WIN!

(Also, ask us about our consultation and mentorship subscriptions… coming soon)

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LAST (but not least) | Submit an application, or request a Bank of hours.

Work with AV Co. on your next project.

Request a Bank of AV Co. Consultation Hours

Learn more about our team and perspectives.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shifted life as we know it, and it has impacted every single one of us. We’ve all had to adapt to new normals, new processes, new codes, new health and environmental requirements, and the list goes on and on. Our team here at AV Co. felt the need to equip ourselves to respond. We have linked up with a team called UV Angel to help create “Safe Zones” and effective pathogen eliminating solutions for organizations as they proactively work towards opening their doors safely, and with the fullest measures of awareness and intentionality. We’d love to speak with your organization about what it would take to deploy UV Angel in your facilities. For more information, you can also visit:  

We’ve recently partnered with an IT services provider who wants to invest the successes of their company back into the church, and to the work of the Gospel. The Ray Morgan Company has recently launched a new initiative specifically for churches called “The First 10” program. Ask us how this is saving thousands, even 10’s of thousands of dollars for churches across the nation!!!

Ray Morgan is offering an introductory call, followed by a completely free assessment of your current print, copy, and IT strategies. Once completed, they will share their best advice, and any areas for potential improvement or savings. On top of all of this incredible value, they have committed to tithe back 10% of all contract values directly to your church! This is powerful stuff! Ask us for more info, and please check out: 

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