Accountability as a Service (AaaS)

This service is designed to protect churches through AVL projects and upgrades.

As a non-biased advocate, AV Co. becomes the buffer between your team and the integration candidates.

The benefits are extensive!

1. Most organizations’ wish lists are 250% of their actual budget. AV Co. will help you refine your wish list to reflect your ACTUAL budget BEFORE you engage integration teams.

2. There are many paths, many manufacturers, and many workflows to consider. Integration teams are often limited to (or preferential towards) specific brands and manufacturers. They most likely have dealer relationships and incentives. AV Co. is BRAND AGNOSTIC, and has zero incentive other than to highlight the technology we believe could make the greatest impact towards your vision. We can help you determine a 100% non-biased “Master Plan” that considers all the options, and aligns with your vision and goals BEFORE you engage integration teams.

3. Attempting to decipher the industry language of contracts, bids, and proposals can be overwhelming. They’re often many pages deep, and include intricate details and drawings, etc. Also, signals can get crossed when attempting to describe what you wish to accomplish to an integrator. For these reasons, our team functions as the TRANSLATOR between your team, and the integration team. We’ll help you decipher the “language” of integration documents, and will surround your team with wisdom & experience along the way.

4. Often, organizations have to develop new relationships with integration teams they have never engaged before when facing AVL projects. They have to start from the ground floor building trust, verifying integrity, and investigating excellence and overall trustworthiness. AV Co. has decades of experience & relationships to draw from. Our team has friendship and history with integrators across the nation. We can bring TRUSTWORTHY sources to the table so that you don’t have to start from scratch.

5. AV Co. can fully represent your organization when engaging integration partners. Rather than navigating multiple discovery meetings yourself, AV Co. can consolidate this process to develop a BOM (Bill of Materials) and/or RFP (Request for Proposal) that can be sent to integration candidates on behalf of your organization. We can also meet with these teams on your behalf to help express your goals and vision, give clarity, and to help steward the progression. This saves your team TIME and $$$

(And the list goes on…)

how does it work? 



We’ll meet with your team to understand the goals and capture your vision.




We’ll work together to refine your wish lists, determine your needs, and prepare a strategy for your project.



We’ll create an RFP (request for proposal). This will often include a fully documented BOM (bill of materials) in preparation to take your project out for bid.



We’ll elect potential integration partners for the bid based on: proximity, budget, and the necessary expertise.



We’ll send out the RFP in a fully confidential manner. This is for accountability. Each candidate must bring their best to the table regardless of who the “Client” is.



We’ll help you as bids are received to: Decipher the documentation. Inspect each line. Understand the fees and fine print. And, ultimately determine which partner best fits your culture and requirements.



As you make your final decision (selecting an integration partner), we’ll bridge the relationship and form the alliance. After we award the bid, we’ll reveal your organization as the “Client,” and coordinate the transition toward executing the project. 


TIER 1 – Consultation  

Designed for troubleshooting, brainstorming, and interim maintenance in-between projects. Use this tier to have quick discussions about things you’re working on that don’t require equipment or integration.


TIER 2 – Consultation | Acquisition  

Use this tier if you’re planning to install yourself (plug and play), but need some help with engineering perspectives, as well as equipment acquisition. We’ll walk through the design with you, and then send out an RFP for competitive, dealer pricing.

TIER 3 – Consultation | Acquisition | Integration 

A Tier 3 project is one that requires full integration. It would include all of Tier 2, as well as selecting an integrator to execute the full installation.

TIER 4 – Project Management

This would include all of Tier 3, plus the additional layer that AV Coalition would help coordinate and manage the project through to completion. We become your “boots on the ground” all the way until you cut the ribbon.

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