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In whichever area(s) you desire, we want to help you stretch yourself,

learn new tricks, gain tools & resources, and reach the next level.

We want to speak life, offer encouragement, facilitate growth, and we’re passionate about each of the areas below. Booking a remote consultation, or scheduling a training session are great opportunities to sharpen yourself or your team. 

In which area(s) are you looking to GROW?


 From live audio at FOH (front of house), to generating a crisp online broadcast, to mixing in-ears with clarity, we’ll help you discover new tools and perspectives about the art of mixing. No matter which console or DAW you’re utilizing, we want to help you sharpen your ears and get your mixes sounding full and glorious!  


Sharpen your skills in the art of cinematography. We want to help you achieve greater clarity and visuals, and teach you how to set up and capture the highest quality video. Whether you’re pursuing a clean or cinematic look, we’ll help you learn to utilize your equipment to achieve the target so that you can be proud to share your end product with the world! 


 Isn’t it incredible how significantly light impacts the atmosphere of a room? Lighting has the amazing power of amplifying the mood, energizing the moment, and creating an environment that enhances the message you’re trying to present to your audience. We’d love to help you sharpen this creative skill! 


 Whether utilizing tools like Pro Presenter for live services, brainstorming ideas for creating videos or content, sharing your message, or telling your story through video, we’d love to help you discover new ways to generate streams of interest and engagement, and sharpen your approach to creative media & marketing.


 What does it look like to lead a congregation into moments of encounter through worship? What does it look like to usher in the presence of God through music? How do you navigate excellent planning, while also leaving room for moving with the Holy Spirit? Let’s talk Worship Leading!


Musicianship is a multi-layered discussion. Being a great musician requires that you learn how to compliment and gel with the other instruments, how to critique and refine your tone, and how to be a constant learner. Connecting with other professional musicians is just one way that you can continue to gather information and resources that will help you grow and thrive. 


 Have you ever experience a wide chasm between worship and production? It’s unfortunate how many churches struggle to facilitate a healthy relationship between these often siloed departments. Have you struggled in team building, or creating ownership and connection? We’d love to encourage you with ideas and input to help you assess your current culture, and start working towards the culture you WISH to create!


Personal growth and development are KEY to becoming a great leader. if you’re looking to level up your leadership, we’d love to help you highlight great strategies, set goals, and look for ways to sharpen yourself. Areas like excellent communication, personal motivation, setting healthy boundaries & expectations, these all intersect with the way that we lead both ourselves, and others.

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Check out our YouTube Channel

Behind the scenes with Patrick, James, & Tai – Spanish Church Broadcast at Lakepointe Church Rockwall (Dallas), TX

Check out our YouTube Channel

Behind the scenes with Patrick, James, & Tai – Spanish Church Broadcast at Lakepointe Church Rockwall (Dallas), TX

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